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“Everything human beings do is habit.
All habits can change.
Hypnosis is a fast track to changing habits.”

(Christopher Green, Overpowered)

The more you relax, the better you can deal with anxiety, pain, panic and negative beliefs.

What is less well known is that hypnotherapy also works well to motivate and inspire you when you have lost your mojo.

... why all the sea pictures?

“The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious, the mother of all that lives” (C G Jung). The sea covers almost three quarters of our earth, a rich world full of possibilities that we have hardly begun to explore: like the mind itself. So the sea pictures are just a reminder of how much more there is to you than you have discovered yet.

Make the changes that make a difference


These are just some of the different kinds of problem that my clients have been able to overcome:

  • … kept failing her driving test. After one session she was relaxed and confident enough to pass the next one.
  • … avoided going to the dentist for years. Now thinks nothing of booking a regular checkup.
  • … suffering from a broken hip, amazed to find that deep relaxation helped to ease the pain.
  • … lonely, low self esteem,  had anxiety attacks in crowded places and a phobia for heights. Now gleefully takes the lift to the top of a department store.
  • … fear of flying, after one session before a work trip abroad had a comfortable journey.
  • … behavioural problems at school, made fast and creative changes.
Find relief
  • … seeking help for insomnia and how to cope with redundancy,  soon sleeping better with new hope and energy.
  • … bereaved and lost, recovered peace of mind and a new sense of purpose.
  • … overwhelmed with parental anxieties, but a practical action plan and calm state of mind restored self esteem and hope for the future.
  • … musician too nervous to perform in public found the  confidence to play on stage.
  • … bowling champion who had lost his knack, a golfer who had lost his swing and a show-jumper who had lost her nerve are some of the sportspeople who have improved their skills and gone on to further success. 

“Every suggestion was rooted in her deep understanding of the mind and her keenness to understand me as an individual… I started to notice my sleep improving and long-established stress symptoms lessening…” (DG)

"Bombshell news!!! I went to the dentist this morning with no fear. I almost want to say I was looking forward to it. I do remember thinking about the outcome. I am sure that was one of the things you planted in my terrified head! My teeth will be good to go for a few years yet and no dentures required. Thank you - you are so good at it" - SC

feel better for a change

frequently asked questions

What is the cost?

£70 per session

How long is a session?

One hour

How many sessions will I need?

I specialise in single session therapy. We focus on one problem and cover options, strategies and resources so that you go away with new insights and a plan of action you can put into immediate practice. If you would like to work more on the same or another problem, you can book another single session. This approach is practical and convenient. It cuts down on paperwork, so you are not using your therapy time filling in forms. A one-time consultation means you are not 'in therapy' for an indeterminate amount of time, and you use the service as and when you want to, as a client and not as a patient.

about me

Anna Powell 

BA (Hons), MA,


With over forty years’ experience working with individuals and groups in the field of self awareness and personal development, I am still amazed by the endless resourcefulness and creativity of the human mind.

what is cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a modern, evidence-based form of therapy that is helpful for a wide range of problems and for all kinds of people.

Unlike counselling, cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy specifically encourages positive change rather than just talking about a problem. Unlike psychodynamic therapies, this approach focuses on what is happening now instead of in the past. It explores practical solutions rather than speculating about possible causes.

Clinical studies have shown that CBT is even more lasting and effective when reinforced with hypnotherapy. Clients gain helpful techniques and new coping skills, so that they also gain in independence and resilience going forward.

Have been doing very well this week. Had a few situations that would have terrified me before and came out smiling (DD)

"The magic of working with her is that she has harnessed what is natural in me and has guided me in a way that feels so logical... Anna has helped my dreams to come true but she has also helped me to understand myself and my resourcefulness and I benefit from this in everyday life, each day" - DH

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    I’m centrally located in the medieval cathedral city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 1HU. 

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