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Feel better for a change

Make the changes that make a difference

When you want to make changes in your life, I can help you to find what works better for you. I have been a professional hypnotherapist and workshop facilitator for over twenty years, helping adults and children to overcome all kinds of difficulties and to realise their potential.

Ways that work

  • Learn to relax at will when you are stressed or overwhelmed
  • Cope increasingly confidently with new situations and challenges
  • Replace limiting beliefs and behaviours with positive habits and attitudes
  • Make practical and lasting improvements in your life and relationships
  • Learn new ways that work better. You will notice a brightening and lightening of your general state of mind, feel calmer and stronger emotionally, and find you have more energy and zeal.

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Anna Powell


when you feel stressed 

or overwhelmed by

• worry, overwork
• frustration
• anxiety before exams, driving test, dentist, operations and other challenges


​if you are concerned about

• phobias, panic attacks, anxiety
• lack of confidence
• loneliness, depression
• private worries, negative or obsessive thoughts
• compulsive behaviour
• shame, anger, or hurt


with difficult situations like

  • redundancy, uncertainty, loss
  • debt and other life-traps
  • conflict in relationships
  • ill-health
  • pressures at work or at home
  • bereavement
  • shock, upheaval and crisis
  • stress-related physical problems


when you want more

• motivation to make changes
• self-esteem, better organisation, clearer goals
• improved performance in business and at home, in sport, entertainment and creativity
• fulfillment and deeper purpose

About Me

Anna Powell BA (Hons), MA, DHP, IAPT, DABCH, Licensed Practitioner of NLP, Dip CBH

As well as working with individual adults and children, I have designed and taught countless classes and workshops in personal development and problem-solving skills. I have an honours degree in Modern Languages and a masters degree in Writing for Children, but my main focus has always been on learning and teaching creative solutions to problems. I studied Transpersonal Psychology with Joan Swallow and trained in hypnotherapy and neuro linguistic programming before taking a diploma in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.

I am based in Andover Hampshire UK, SP10 3RQ

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Contact me

Call or email me to find out more or to make an appointment.

  • 079 1323 1678
  • anna@annapowell.com
  • Andover Hampshire SP10 3RQ UK
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